"devil's got no hold" 

Hear that voice getting louder

it keeps my back to the wall

fear starts taking me over

and i can't help but fall to my knees

oh can't you see he won't let me be


he tears me down til i'm begging for rest

heart's so loud as it beats in my chest

can't get down no he can't have the best of me

no the devil's got no hold on me


now i try getting farther

keep my feet from their stray

but the road gets harder

and I get lead away you see

yeah can't you see he won't let me be


don't give up and don't give in

you're worth more so don't pretend

I won't let you fall away

get back up you've won this day

there'll be troubles all along

don't forget to sing this song

i'll be with you take your stand

don't forget you're in my hand